Fishing Charters for Large Groups in Key West  

December 9, 2022

Every time a significant event happens, it calls for a celebration. It can be a birthday celebration, graduation, promotion, or even a wedding. All these important events should be celebrated in a manner that will be memorable enough for both the celebrants and the guests. If you are looking for a unique way of celebrating, why not book a fishing charter for large groups? It is a new and fun way that will provide you with an experience you wouldn’t forget.

How is it done?

When it comes to fishing charters for large groups, there would always be 2 options. One is to have a head boat or party boat where all of your guests will be staying. And the other is splitting the group among several boats. Both of these choices have their own advantages that would highly depend on what you and your group prefer.

Choosing the option of having a head boat for you and your group allows you to save costs. With this, you can all experience fishing various species such as the afternoon blackfin tuna. This makes it a lot more fun and enjoyable for everyone. You also have the option to rent out the whole boat to plan out a private event. The staff is all familiar with accommodating. All you just have to do is to consult your plan during the booking of the trip and voila! You can say hello to a memorable celebration.

The six-pack license

It may be quite difficult to find a fishing charter provider that accommodates more than 6 people. This is usually due to the limitation brought by the licenses of the captain in charge of the boat. In addition, the boat is also limited to holding only a limited number of passengers. 

Although tedious, you will eventually find a fishing charter company that can accommodate you with a large group fishing trip. You may also contact us and discuss the needs and plans of your group. Here at DOA Charters, we’d be happy to assist you with your concerns. 

Where to go for Large Group Fishing Charters

There are tons of perfect spots in the world where you can have a large group fishing trip. And within those places, you would most likely be able to find a vessel that can accommodate your members. 

Key West Florida, is one of the best options on the list. Aside from the beauty and perfect location it can offer, it is also a hub of fishing charters that gives you access to tons of fishing charters and services available.