It is important to inform your client about what they are planning to sign up for. And that’s what our blogs are for! Read on and stay informed in the field of fishing and fishing charters!

What we offer

Fishing with DOA Charters

Explore and catch fishes on the shores of Florida Keys with us! We have just the right services to help you achieve the fishing experience you are looking for.

Beginner Friendly Services

Worried about having zero experience in this field? We got your back! Our staff will be guiding you every step of the way. Allowing you to gain knowledge and experience while enjoying your trip.

Customized Trips

Looking for a flexible and customizable fishing trip? DOA Charters offers just that. Our customizable trips are shaped and tailored for every skill and age group possible.

Catch skills and experiences

Our services are not entirely focused on letting you enjoy the trip. Everything we offer also enables our clients to gain more knowledge and experiences that can help them turn an enjoyable experience into a brand-new worthwhile hobby.

Inshore and Offshore Fishing

Want to stay on the shores of Florida Keys? Or perhaps planning to venture out of its boundaries? We have just the right services for you!

Fishing Charters

DOA offers fishing charters that are tailored to expand the community circle of our clients and at the same time let them get a full grasp on the exploration they have signed up for.